How To Stand Strong In The Time Of Crisis

Who is the villain here: the uncertain time we are living in or our mentality?

Probably, like me, you will say that it is the situation we are living in: that from one moment to another it destroyed our plans, our financial stability and even our relationship with other people.

It’s true: these are extremely difficult times and they are beyond our control. Nobody denies that. We do not know when it will end or how the world is going when all this happens.

But if we cannot control what happens outside our bubble, the secret is to shape what is inside our bubble in our favor . And in this bubble we are ourselves and our close circle as family. And here we can do something!

And if you’re wondering: well, what can I do about it? I’m going to share a question that changed my perspective personally:

Who do you want to become when all this happens?

Because many times, the situation we are experiencing is difficult in itself, but we, with our thoughts, make it even more difficult. And then our thoughts end up becoming the true villain of this story.

The important thing is to be aware of this. Being aware of whether what we are thinking and doing at this moment brings us closer to the reality that we would like to live when all this happens.

If we consume Netflix, video games and social networks most of the time, who are we going to become? How are we going to face the world coming from such a context?

Or if we are bad and irritated all the time and we take it out on the people around us, how do you think they will remember us after this? Because this is a moment that we will not forget …

But if we want to emerge stronger from this situation, we must focus on our growth. Something as simple as reading a book or taking a course where you learn skills and knowledge that add to your personal and professional life, or, starting that business idea that we have in mind, or connecting with the people that matter to us. !

Something that has helped me a lot is every morning to write down three things that I want to achieve in the day and that they bring me closer to the person I want to become and to the life that I would like to live when all this uncertain time passes. And throughout the day, I strive for those three things to be accomplished.


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