The types of shirts that every man should have

Do you use the same office shirts for your casual looks? It is a fairly common mistake. Many men do not consider different types of shirts for their outfits, and they are often unaware that there are options beyond the ones we usually buy.

Here we help you, listing 8 types of basic shirts that every man should have.

Flannel shirt

An essential for colder seasons or when we just want to look stylish, the flannel shirts are a bit thicker than any other shirt and can be great worn over a t-shirt or on its own with a layered outfit. Exclusive for casual outfits (it hardly fits into formal outfits) it is essential to have a few in the closet, particularly plaid in common colors. Just a pair of jeans or chinos to let it shine. The perfect winter shirt.

Office shirt

This is one of the most common shirts we buy, and they are usually made of cotton with a look that is neither too thick nor too thin. It’s the only option for those business casual outfits and should be kept in that context. For any other occasion outside the office, we should opt for another type of shirt, since it can look boring and its purpose is better at work.

Oxford shirt

A classic that has become one of the essentials for men who want to achieve the perfect casual look or a slightly formal look. It is characterized by having much thicker fabric and is quite similar to the office shirt but it has a purpose that is not so focused on business but rather on comfort. It is another of the most common shirts that we acquire and is often confused with the office one.

Classic short-sleeved shirt

A basic that is also needed in every man’s closet. They are usually made of thin fabric but in reality, there are different options. Perfect for summer, it does not fit in any way with formal office attire, but rather with casual looks. We can find some softer fabrics that give a cleaner and more unique look. Since they are usually worn without anything on top, we bet on patterns and prints that make them more attractive.

Cuban collar shirt

If you want a perfect summer look, loose but without leaving these valuable elements of the shirt, a Cuban collar is enough, which is characterized by an open collar, lack of buttons in the center, which offers a light appearance in addition to the fabric is usually quite thin. Here the shirts with print or patterns look ideal, ideal for those trips to tropical places.

Polo shirt

We couldn’t conclude our list without adding one of the keys to a well-cared look that immediately lifts any outfit: the polo shirt. With a slightly thick fabric and a classic cut, it is perfect for summer and it is not difficult to combine it.


An overshirt can be perfect for cold climates but also to gain a different casual and more alternative look. A kind of replacement for the jacket, it can be made of a wider and slightly larger fabric. Many usually have different buttons to separate from others, but it is ideal to wear another bottom or for a shirt.

Denim shirt

Another essential that is not just for denim lovers. Perfect to complement casual outfits, and ideal for some smart casual, it is perfect to wear over t-shirts or for a Canadian tuxedo. Due to the material, it makes a certain sense that it gives immediate style and allows it to be perfectly combined with different accessories, from glasses to watches. We just have to choose the right one and know how to combine it to get the most out of it.

Among other shirts that we can buy is the linen and the chambray but they are not as essential as the previous ones. Similarly, the dress shirt is a basic that everyone must have, but it is an obvious thing to add.


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