The 5 Best Caribbean Islands to Go on Vacation

If you really want to know what the Caribbean is, these 5 destinations are perfect for understanding it and planning your next getaways. In these Caribbean islands, the locals go out of their way to serve tourists as they deserve. Don’t wait any longer to discover its enchanting beaches, spa hotels, unique gastronomy and 24-hour entertainment for your vacations. I got great inspiration for writing this post from author, Ian Clayton, who writes about the Caribbean and Barbados in particular where he displays the Barbados people and culture in a splendid captivating manner and the reason I mention this is because out of any book that I have read, this has inspired me to write about and visit these wonderful islands.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, located at the east area of Puerto Rico, according to Rogues in Paradise, are a heavenly destination with beaches and coral reefs. It has four main islands and more than 50 smaller islands that make up an archipelago.

All year round it receives travelers who arrive on yachts or aboard the best cruise ship in the Caribbean, to enjoy white sand beaches, a radiant sun, exciting excursions and careful attention.

Tortola is famous for the stories of its most famous inhabitants: the pirates Blackbeard and William Kidd. Its capital is Road Town, a vibrant tourist hotspot. Surfers, divers and snorkelers love Apple Bay Beach, with its popular Cueva de Los Contrabandistas, and Trellis Bay, with its wide range of beach restaurants.

St. Barts, French Overseas Territory

St. Barts or Saint Barthélemy is a class apart for those who want luxury vacations. It has all the French charm and sophistication of an island where nothing seems random.

Playa St. Jean is, after the district of Gustavia, the most active town on this island. Boasting 1950s glamor combined with modern comfort, the exclusive Eden Rock Resort and Spa attracts celebrities to its suites and villas. Other luxury places are Cheval Blanc and Le Toiny.

If you travel to this place, visit Playa de Conchas, just 5 minutes from downtown. Playa Toiny is one of the favorites for surfing. Other interesting places are Petite Anse Beach, with shallow waters, and Marigot Beach, an undisturbed oasis.

Saint Lucia (Saint Lucia), Windward Islands

To the east of the Caribbean Sea and north of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia is a small independent state of Great Britain that offers colorful sunrises and sunsets on its beaches.

It is famous for hosting the Pitons Mountains, an Ecological Reserve with two peaks that rise like pyramids over 750 meters above sea level. They can be seen from almost all points of the island.

Other attractions are the trails through the rainforest, such as the Barre de I’Isle, and the La Soufriere volcano, the only one in the world that can be reached by car. You can also go to the mineral-rich Diamond Falls and enjoy luxurious resorts and spas throughout the island.

Turks and Caicos Islands, Great Britain

This archipelago south of The Bahamas is one of the 10 best destinations in the Caribbean for diving. It is made up of 40 islands with impressive coral reefs. The Turks and Caicos Islands are islands famous for their long miles of very white, fine sand beaches, and for Providenciales Island, called “Provo” by its people.

Provo boasts world-renowned luxury resorts, shops and restaurants. Unmissable places to see are Cayo Sal, the underwater wall located in front of Grand Turk Island and the Providenciales coral reef.

Visit Grace Bay with its Grace Bay Beach. This is considered the best beach in the world, according to travel portals and experts. Other places to see are Zapote Bay (Sapodilla Bay), Taylor Bay and The Bight Reef and Smith’s Reef.

Anguilla, British Territory

Anguilla is cataloged by many as the best island in the Caribbean. What makes it so special? Well, there is no stress here. It is a territory of the Antilles islands, in the northern part of Sotavento, where you can breathe total calm and connection with nature.

Located 19 km from the northern part of the island of Saint Martin and 100 km from Saint Kitts, it has resorts, spas and complexes with panoramic views like no other, as well as white sand beaches and high cliffs such as Little Bay. It is a perfect place for an intimate getaway, away from civilization.

Shoal Bay East is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by travelers and specialized media. In fact, all of Anguilla, including its capital The Valley, stands out as the best destination in the Caribbean for couples.


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