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Get Involved With Sport And Discover The Health Benefits

It’s no secret that playing sports brings unparalleled health benefits. When it comes to physical activity, outdoor sports are a favorite of those who prefer to exercise outdoors.

Contact with nature, freedom, and physical and mental well-being are part of the group of benefits of this sport. Therefore, in their various modalities, they have conquered more and more athletes.

In the case of outdoor sports, the practice becomes even more pleasant and accessible. Because it can be included in your daily life or in any trip you are going to take. In addition, there are so many options of modalities, which please from the most adventurous and assiduous practitioners to those who practice sports only as a hobby.

For those interested in outdoor sports, we have prepared a special post. We’ve brought you some modalities and the health benefits they bring, which go beyond better physical conditioning, so you can start exercising as soon as possible!

Discover some outdoor sports

There are different types of outdoor sports. We have separated some of them for you to choose the one that best fits your profile. Follow up!

Outdoor Climbing

First, let’s talk about climbing. This is one of the outdoor sports that works various muscles in the body: arms, legs and abdomen. Therefore, it is considered a complete sport.

In order to climb a mountain, a rock or a wall, climbing works on specific techniques and movements, as well as strength, motor coordination and flexibility.

The activity can be practiced in different environments, such as blocks, rocks and even snow, which is the case of mountaineering, for example. You still enjoy an incredible scenery of nature and challenge yourself, putting your adventurous spirit to the test.


With the possibility of cycling for pleasure, or even to participate in competitions, cycling is currently one of the most popular sports in Brazil.

It is one of the outdoor sports that has more variety and can be practiced individually or in groups; on roads, ramps or mountains; on long or short courses and even more challenging, always respecting the type of bike designed for each purpose. It is noteworthy that it is extremely necessary to use the appropriate safety equipment and clothing, to improve your performance and protect you in case of falls and accidents.


Hiking is a short outdoor walk. Therefore, it does not involve any kind of camping or overnight stay. Basically, the practitioner walks for a few hours and returns to the starting point. And the courses are generally shorter and lighter.

As you don’t need to spend the night on the trail, the equipment needed for this activity is lighter and more practical. It is ideal for those who want to discover new places and admire the beautiful landscapes.


Trekking involves taking a walk, as well as hiking, but lasting more than a day, as in this practice, the person will spend the night on the way, whether in a camp, shelter or hostel. Therefore, the necessary equipment has a greater load. The modality can be practiced by any healthy person who wants to explore trails and beautiful landscapes, either for leisure or to participate in competitions.

The Benefits Of Outdoor Sports

As already mentioned, the benefits of playing outdoor sports are numerous.

Specialists relate contact with nature when exercising with good mental health: it helps combat depression and anxiety, raises self-esteem, improves mood, reduces everyday stresses and strains, stimulates cognitive activities, etc.

As for physical well-being, we can highlight that there is an improvement in physical conditioning and pulmonary and cardiovascular capacities, an increase in good cholesterol and a decrease in bad cholesterol, blood pressure control, among others.

In addition, another positive point is that, during activities, you have the opportunity to network with other outdoor sports practitioners, to exchange experiences or as a companion for exercises.

With so many options available, it is difficult to choose just one sport, or even more than one. Regardless, it is very important to always dedicate time in your day or week to exercising responsibly and safely with good equipment. Practicing an outdoor sport regularly will provide you with benefits for the rest of your life.


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Hey, Mark Ladd here. I am a sports fanatic and have a passion for this. Particularly running is what I love best. However, around 5 years ago I had an accident that changed my life. I can no longer pursue those sporting activities, so I moved my focus on a different approach where I blog about the sports and other areas of life which I have grown to appreciate more since my accident.

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