5 Adventure Sports You Should Try That Will Exhilarate You

Adventure sports are becoming more and more popular, especially for those who like to have a more hectic, relaxed and energetic life. After all, they make us feel like no other.

This increased search for this type of sport is due to the numerous benefits of these activities. Namely: contact with nature and fresh air, adrenaline, stress relief, the possibility of combining sport with the daily routine, physical and mental health, among many others.

If you are one of those people who enjoy adventure, or are interested in this type of sport, follow the reading and get to know our suggestions.

What are adventure sports?

In a succinct way, the term “adventure sports” is given to extreme action sports, that is, physical activities that are more dangerous. Those that lead the athlete to a situation of greater risk, in terms of speed, height, among other factors.

Thus, they require more physical and psychological effort from the practitioner and, therefore, are very attractive for those looking for different experiences and strong emotions.

Most common types of adventure sports

Check out, in this topic, which are the main types of adventure sports, for you who like to challenge yourself and get away from the routine. There are so many modalities that you can become a multi-sportsman and go through different experiences at each practice!


Cycling is one of the most practiced adventure sports in Brazil. It is characterized by the repetition of a single movement on top of the bike. Thus, the bicycle can be used as a means of transportation or not, and in a competitive or recreational way.

There are several modalities in cycling, but the most common are Mountain Bike, BMX, Triathlon and Road Cycling.

Cycling people move various muscles in the body. This is because, in the exercise, the thighs, glutes and legs are worked, in addition to the abdominal and lower back muscles. Therefore, the benefits of cycling for the athlete’s health and well-being are numerous.


Another very common practice among adventure sports is Trekking. It is one of the most practiced physical activities because it consists of nothing more, nothing less than walking on trails. In other words, if you want to practice this sport, know that you will exercise your legs a lot.

Unlike Hiking, Trekking is a long walk and involves an overnight stay. He requires breaks for camp, shelter or lodging along the way.

Trekking is practiced in various environments, and it can fit perfectly into your routine, even during any trip you are going to do. But, as it is a long walk, it is recommended for those who are looking for challenges and achievements, and it is preferable to do it in a group.

On narrow or wide trails, and on different types of soil, all you have to do is prepare your equipment and get started. You can discover new places, witness unparalleled landscapes, while enjoying the fresh air of nature.


Like Trekking, the term Hiking also refers to an outdoor walk. However, in this case, it is short-lived, of a few hours, and there is no need for camping equipment or shelter to stay overnight.

This sport is practiced in natural environments, with self-guided routes. The activity is more relaxed and consists of a back walk on the trail, lasting up to one day.

Practicing Hiking, you will also be able to witness incredible landscapes, with a lot of adrenaline and energy.


Another very extreme sport, which will give you a lot of adrenaline, is climbing. It can be practiced either solo or in groups and makes its practitioners breathless with the landscapes and challenges that are faced at all times.

This sport works all the muscle groups in the body, in addition to providing strength, balance and flexibility. In addition, when climbing, the practitioner needs to be focused and using all the necessary safety equipment.

It is divided into bigwall, alpine, indoor, artificial, sport, block climbing, traditional, high mountain and mountaineering categories.

Trail Running

Essentially, trail running is a race in nature. Because it is done on a radical trail, it offers several challenges, such as crossing rivers and streams, or walking close to abysses.

It is the ideal sport for those looking for excitement and adventure, and requires a lot of effort from the legs, and sometimes the arms. That’s because, on many trails, you have to use your arms to climb a steep hill, hold onto branches, pass obstacles, or make a more radical descent.

All the adventure sports we’ve seen in this text will certainly give your routine a boost. In addition, these practices are excellent for physical and mental health, and the benefits are enhanced by the sensation of adrenaline, which is produced by the practitioner during the practice of this type of physical exercise.


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