4 Workouts To Increase Strength And Endurance On The Bike

Regardless of the sport you practice, cycling is a sport that demands a lot of the body and exercises many muscles. If you want to further increase strength and endurance on the bike, check out this text for some tips on how you can get better results.

Typically, the cyclist’s goal is to intensify the benefits of exercise, enhancing your training. After all, the greater your power, the faster your pedal performance, both on a flat course and uphill.

So, read on and check out the four training tips we’ve put together to help you gain more strength and endurance on the bike.

Factors that help cyclists improve their performance

First of all, we will start by mentioning some points that help the cyclist to improve his performance in general. Follow up!

Eat Healthy

Eating well is one of the main factors that will help you train hard. That’s because pedalling is a very intense exercise, and you’ll need a lot of energy to do it.

Pay attention to the type of food you consume. A good diet includes only healthy and natural foods. Banana, for example, is a great option for physical activity. But remember not to cycle with a very full stomach.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Keep your body hydrated during your workouts but avoid drinking too much water before exercising. The ideal is to drink water 30 to 60 minutes beforehand so that the body can distribute the liquid throughout the body and avoid pain during the pedal.

And during exercise, it’s recommended to take small sips to keep your body hydrated as you cycle.


To prevent your body from going into exhaustion and over training, take time to rest.

Without adequate rest, your performance can suffer and you can end up having some physical consequences due to the accumulation of stresses in your muscles.

Quality sleep is essential for good performance in any sport. For mountain bikers in particular, it is recommended to sleep for at least seven hours so that the body recovers after training.

Maintain A Workout Routine

This tip is critical. Even because physical exercises only work if they are practiced regularly.

So, define your training days and commit to your routine.

Experts recommend that the cyclist train at least 3 times a week. But if you want to train more often, even better, without breaking your routine.

Stretch Before And After Training

Another important tip: don’t forget to stretch before and after training.

Put this part into your routine as stretching will ease your pain after training. In addition, it prevents fatigue, strain and muscle strain, and gives you more willingness to continue with your workouts the next day.

But beware: stretch all parts of your body. The pedal is an exercise that works several muscles and, therefore, must be accompanied by a complete stretch.

Tips for training that help increase strength and endurance on the bike

Now, see some suggestions from experienced cyclists for you to train and gain more strength and endurance on the bike, and pedal even faster on long routes.

Increase The Number Of Climbs In The Training Routine

Put more climbs into your daily workout routine. Thus, you decrease your cadence, that is, the number of turns of your pedal. With more climbs in your ride, you tend to put more effort into pedalling and thus improve your strength and endurance on the bike.

Therefore, progressively increase the accumulated ascent meters on your route. If necessary, also increase the total mileage of your workout for greater muscular endurance.

Use Heavier Gears

Another training tip is to use heavier gears. So, if you keep the same cadence, using a heavier gear, it will help you gain strength and endurance on the bike.

Both on a flat course and uphill, try alternating your gait between light and heavy, until you gain enough stamina to complete the entire workout in the heavier gait.

Do Polarized Training

Athletes high Nive l recommend this practice. The technique is the fastest way to increase your cycling endurance.

Basically, polarized training consists of a long period of light training complemented by some extremely intense exercises.

This type of training focuses most of the time on low intensity moments. The remaining moments are for more intense workouts.

On the other hand, regular training can end up concentrating training time in the middle, with less impact on performance development. Thus, the conventional method may be less beneficial for those who want to increase strength and endurance on the bike.

Furthermore, research reveals that this type of polarized exercise can help you have more productive workouts, even if you have less time to practice.

Ride Against The Wind

Even if the region where you train doesn’t have climbs to put on your path, you can use the wind to increase your strength and endurance on the bike.

On a day with a considerable amount of wind, see which way it’s on and start pedalling about 2-3 kilometers in the opposite direction. During this ride, try to use the heaviest gait possible and maintain the intensity. On the way back, take advantage of the back wind to recover.

We saw in this article that a well-conditioned cyclist is more willing to take longer pedals. And it also means that the cyclist has more endurance in the tough workouts of a season.

That’s why it’s very important that you don’t break your routine. Keep your workouts up to date and diversify your techniques and practices to ensure more strength and endurance on the bike.


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