10 Tips To Learn To Manage Time

Are you tired of working all day at the office, but not being able to complete your tasks? It is time to master time management.

Entrepreneurs are susceptible to being interrupted or pulled in different directions. While it is impossible to end interruptions entirely, you can make the most of the time you spend on them and the thoughts, conversations, and actions that will help you achieve success.

1. Write a time journal for a week

You can use a calendar to track the time you spend on work-related conversations, projects, or activities for one week. This will allow you to see how much you can accomplish in a given day and where you are spending your precious time. This will help you see how much of your time is spent on producing results, as well as how much is wasted on unproductive conversations, thoughts, and actions.

2. Take some time to yourself

All conversations and activities that are important to your success must be given time. To-do lists get longer and longer until it becomes almost impossible to finish them. Blocks of time should be set aside for high-priority thoughts and conversations. You will know when they will begin and end. These appointments should be kept on track.

3. Participate in activities, thoughts, and conversations

You should aim to devote at least half of your time to activities and thoughts that will produce the best results.

4. Allow for interruptions

Take some time to step away from the things you’re doing. Consider, for instance, the idea of a teacher having “tutoring time.” Isn’t it another way to say “planned outages” is “tutoring hour”?

5. To organize yourself, take advantage of the first 30 minute of every day

Get organized in the first 30 minutes of every day. You shouldn’t start your day until you have completed your time plan. Your time is the most important part of your day.

6. Decide the result you desire

Prior to each task and call, take five minutes to clarify your goal. This will allow you to see what success looks like before starting. It will also slow down the time. You can take five minutes to assess whether you achieved the desired outcome after each call or activity. What went wrong? What can you do to add the missing information to the next call?

7. Let others know that you are busy

You can place a “Do not Disturb” sign at your door and a message in your email stating that you are “Not Available”. When it is absolutely necessary, put your phone on “do NOT disturb” mode to ensure that work gets done.

8. Pay attention to people slowly.

Do not answer the phone just because it rings. Disconnect instant messaging. If it is essential for your business to provide an immediate human response, don’t pay attention immediately to people. Instead, make time to answer emails or return phone calls.

9. Other distractions should be avoided

Block Instagram, Facebook and all other social media sites that could consume your attention and time.

10. Realistic goals are possible

It is impossible to do everything. Remember that 20% of your thoughts and conversations could produce 80% of your results.


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