Resolution 2014: 0 to 13.1 – Back on Track

Natasha is back with an update on her road from zero to half-marathon! You can find more of her posts in this series here.


You haven’t heard from me in a while. It’s because of the polar vortices, snow, a smothering period at the office, and a strong dislike of running in the open bitter cold elements. Yes, there is the treadmill, but when you are training for a half marathon that gets old–quick. Running in the open elements and exploring the city keep my energy flowing and my mind happy. I skipped a few posts (shame on me) because of work, but did manage to get in a few lunch time runs as I intended. Yay!

8 weeks into training and my distance peak on a training day is 5.6 miles. At this stage I should be at 7-8 miles, but hey—I’ve made progress!

My message to you this post is….

1. Don’t give up!

Giving it your best on your first big race is all you can ask for…I could throw in the towel, but I’m going to keep going even if on race day I drag myself across the finish line.

2. Buy an encapsulation sports bra!

If you’re larger than a B cup, after 3 miles of pounding the pavement you really need something that does more than just “compress”.


3. Adjusting the plan is a part of the plan.

I say this all the time, but if you’re flexible and responsive to your body and mind you’ll be better if than if you just gave up because your plan fell apart. When the plan unravels, piece it back together and keep on…running!

4. Run TOWARD something.

I mentioned this last post—and it really works. My DC Ladies on the RUN Club met up and ran to the Lincoln Memorial this past weekend.

What was the best lesson you learned while training for your first big race?


  1. Great advice! Thanks for the motivation.