Resolution 2014: 0 to 13.1 – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Natasha is back with an update on her road from zero to half-marathon! You can find more of her posts in this series here.

organization of states

It’s cold. It’s dark. And this Florida gal does not own cold weather running attire!! The elements have not been kind. The below freezing temperatures have made it hard to go exploration running. Turning my runs into “exploring” makes it fun for me. It keeps my mind off the tiny aches and gives me yet another reason to look forward to my runs. (When you’re training for your first half-marathon get creative and come up with a long list of reasons why you look forward to running.)

The hardest thing over the last few weeks is getting the gumption to run. Period.  When it’s freezing outside bundling up with hot chocolate on the couch while binging on Netflix sounds like the logical thing to do! I missed 3 of my 8 running sessions. In my next report I hope to have fewer missed sessions. I have given some thought to how I break through my winter blues.

Solutions to Help Run in the Cold:

#1 Embrace Enclothed Cognition.

I totally believe in this. When I was fitness training hardcore I gifted myself tons of bright colored workout clothes to encourage myself to keep at it. Sometimes the desire to wear a new tank yellow or burner tee is what got me to the gym on lazy days.  Whatever works! I’ve ordered long thermo running tights from Gore Apparel, which I plan to pair with some bright colored tops to help fight the winter blues.

#2 Run at lunch.

By the time I get home in the evenings it’s dark and even colder than it was in the morning. I’ve got a run buddy at the office that I’ve recruited (or she recruited me. This is where telling people you’re running helps. She’s holding me accountable!). We’ll be hitting the streets of downtown DC at lunch to squeeze in a few miles! Bonus: Running at lunch almost guarantees sunshine.

#3 Identify something on the map.

On an exploration run a few weeks ago, I discovered the Organization of American States. I am an international affairs junky that did not know that the actual OAS was within running distance of my apartment. Just 2.3 miles from my front door. I wonder what’s 5 miles away? There is an arboretum I just learned about that has the original columns of the Capitol Building. I’m aiming to run there.

What are your tips for sticking to your running plan when it’s freezing outside?


  1. Meet up with a running group or a running friend, that keeps me accountable. Hang in there, hopefully soon the warmer temps are back.