10 reasons to run in the rain

someecards.com - If I can run in a HURRICANE, you can run in a drizzle.

I enjoy running in the rain sometimes. No, scratch that, I friggin’ LOVE running in the rain.

And so should you.

Sure, there’s a special bond that forms when two runners pass each other on the path, a silent greeting when you spot a fellow runner across the street. Perhaps with a slight nod, you each acknowledge that you’re part of the same community, the same family of crazies with the lunatic notion that it’s a good idea to run when you actually have nowhere to go.

It’s a pretty cool feeling, right? Now multiply that by a hundred thousand, and that’s approximately the experience you have running in the rain. Because now, you’re more than a fellow runner, you’re hardcore, you’re elite. You’re that particular brand of crazy that will run no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

You pass a fellow runner and exchange a similar silent greeting. Only this time, it means, “Hey there buddy. Yeah, running in the rain, no big deal. We’re just awesome like that.”

In running, there are informal clubs. There’s the speedy club, like the sub-3 marathoners; the distance club, like the ultra-marathoners; the costume club; the fashionista club; marathon maniacs and half fanatics – the list goes on.

Running in the rain? Welcome to the fearless club. I know what you’re thinking: What’s so scary about rain?


And yet, while you’re out their pounding the pavement as raindrops keep falling on your head, somehow that feeling of fearlessness, of I-can-do-anything, creeps in.

If my mini-rant hasn’t convinced you yet, here are 10 reasons to make your next rainy day a rainy run day:

  1. What’s the point of spending all that money on quick-dry clothes if you don’t get them absolutely soaking wet?
  2. Get the refreshing feeling of having cool water dumped on your head for your entire run.
  3. No one can tell the difference between rain drops and a profuse amount of sweat.
  4. It’s the perfect way to have a discreet cry run.
  5. You can justify adding more cute running caps to your rotation (recommended by Just a Colorado Gal).
  6. Ditto with running shoes (so your rainy run shoes have a chance to dry).
  7. Running paths are MUCH less crowded.
  8. Your chance of having an awkward encounter with a cyclist is almost zero.
  9. Instant badass status.
  10. A hot shower feels about a billion times better when you’re soaking wet.

Welcome to the club.

Do you run in the rain? Why or why not?


  1. I used to hate running in the rain (backtrack, I never used to run in the rain because I thought I would hate it) but did it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and loved it! There was something peaceful about it, and I definitely liked how there weren’t many people around (and those who were out just looked hazy due to my rain-induced blurred vision) so I could just enjoy being by myself and not feeling self-conscious… Now, my next battle is to run in the cold. One for me to work on 😉

  2. I never even considered running in the rain! Whenever its raining I’m like “ok indoor track or worse… the dreadmill.” I am definitely going to try it, maybe during a light summer rain.


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